After our night in Santa Barbara we ate breakfast with our fellow guests. We made a last minute phone call to Lotusland, a private garden for a tour reservation. Twenty minutes before the tour started we left the hotel racing to make our tour. We were so eager we drove away with our trunk open. After fixing that we made it to Lotusland. As usual we showed up in the wrong attire. Sarah wore a dress and sandals and Christie wore shorts and sneakers. We were the only under 50 people and the only ones without bucket hats. Our 2 hour tour was more interesting than we expected. We learned about Ganna Walska the previous owner of Lotusland who had six husbands including some of the richest men in the world. After our tour we went to the Santa Barbara Mission and explored for a total of 7 minutes. We were too excited to go to our next destination, Solvang. Solvang is a Danish town in the middle of the CA coast that we stopped at for lunch. The adorable little town had Sarah and Christie overcome with glee. We went to a danish restaurant for lunch. Christie stalked an elderly couple throughout the meal and was terrified when she thought the mans wife had left without him. Besides that Christie was forced to have hot wings for the first time and complained about her burning lips for the next 15 minutes. After searching for wooden clogs we gave up an explored Solvang’s farmers market. Sarah bought an eclair and Christie bought a postcard. We were upset to leave the charming town and began our journey to Nojoqui Falls down the road. It turns out the waterfall was only a trickle down a high cliff. After we made our way to Avila beach. We had a nice hotel and ate dinner along the beach.

Hot wings


We started the day by heading to Venice beach and finding a parking spot for $4. Turns out homeless people use the beach as their personal homes. We wandered around for 10 minutes until Christie insisted we leave. She hates homeless people. JK we were wearing fancy dresses for the Chelsea Lately taping we were going to and CBear was worried she would be sexually assaulted. While driving we saw at least four helicopters hovering a few blocks from our hotel. We would later discover that a mountain lion was cornered in the courtyard of an office building nearby our hotel. We found a lovely little cafe where Sarah enjoyed a nutella crepe and Christie had eggs. Christie also wants to note there was a ceramic cow on the table. We walked along Montana Ave and then wandered along the beach. We planned to go down to the beach but realized there was a deathly staircase that seemed to never end so we stuck to the grassy area on the cliff above. After defacing a piece of wooden art in the park we explored we headed to the 1:00 taping of Chelsea Lately. The parking lot for the show was far from the studio. While waiting to go inside the two of us suffered in the sun getting burned. To pass the three hours we waited to get inside we eavesdropped on middle aged women who talked to each other about going to LMFAO concerts and celebrity parties. Although we were towards the front of the line we ended up being placed in the dark corner of the studio. Lucky us. However we still enjoyed the show. DIna Eastwood was the guest but her little housekeeper stole the show by repeatedly flashing the audience. After the show we drove to Santa Barbara. We walked a mile from our hotel to Stearns Wharf for dinner. Christie had jumbo shrimp. She thought that was necessary to add.

The universal symbol for Christie Greeley


There is nothing like waking up before 6 am and then finding out the person you will be traveling with for a week has pink eye. Christie is gross. After a long flight we made it to LA. As usual Christie managed to fit a weeks worth of clothes in a toddler sized suitcase while I went for a normal sized piece of luggage. After an hour at Hertz we discovered only Christie is the only one of us legally allowed to drive the rental car. My personal slave! We ate at the nearby In-N-Out Burger so that Christie wouldn’t pass out from her breakfast/lunch–lollipops and starburst. We arrived at our hotel the Ocean View Hotel in Santa Monica. When we got to our room Christie raced outside to move our car before the time on our meter ran out. We spent the rest of the day at the Santa Monica Pier and the beach. We ate at a restaurant on the 3rd street Promenade. We are crazy. We spent rest of the night mourning the loss of Kristen Wiig on SNL.Image